The Generic Apology Formula

The generic apology formula is the apology you will use when you have no idea why you are wrong; you only know that she is upset; she is upset at you; and somehow it is all your fault.

You can try asking her what she is upset about or what you did, but this only works with other men. For women, this is grounds for being upset at you even more than she is since you now become a man who does not know her at all. Your best bet is to apologize using the generic apology formula. Then wait. Remember that she will not directly respond to the apology like a man would by saying " It's OK. " If she responds she will respond by talking about her feelings or how you should know that you should be...anything except who you were when she became upset. Listen to what she says for eventually she will let slip what upset her.

Confused? Remember this: women operate by their own set of rules. If men figure out the rules then women change them. It is best just to apologize.

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